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step one:

My unique 7 step analysis system, aka *EVA*, "rates" where you're at NOW by looking at:








Every  journey is 100% unique, however every successful project must have a strong FOUNDATION. The majority of the time, if a product isn't working in the marketplace, there is an aspect to it that hasn't been developed, built, or released properly. Based on the analysis we achieve from step one, I'll give you a *StarMap* with various roads to help you move forward the RIGHT way.

It's time to implement our strategy, and begin your transformation! This may include, but is not limited to exploring writing new songs, networking with amazing credited pro writers and/or producers, improving old or current unreleased material, enlisting expert marketers for radio promotion, remixes, or PR.

Bottom line: the possibilities are limitless.

step two:

step three:


Evolutionize Your Music

Hi! I'm Michael Graye! Welcome!

With 9+ years as an artist development expert, I've worked with Artists, Songwriters, Producers, Publishers, PR experts, & Radio Promoters internationally.

My passion and dedication has helped me achieve incredible things for my clients including several top 10 songs in the United States and abroad, major press, millions of streams, and more, but most they know that I'm also an Artist & creator and understanding how frustrating navigating this world can be.


The EVOLUTIONIZE process provides you only what you need to excel in the marketplace. 


That could mean connecting you with a producer that understands your vision and is the perfect match for your style, taking a holistic view at your brand to discover if there's something not quite aligned with your best audience, and/or possibly networking on your behalf with major promoters and other industry experts so your product can reach the masses. 


"Finding the right guidance is one of the toughest things in both art & business. A great mentor offers not only unflinching honesty, but also the ability to see the future you, and what you need to do to get there. Michael is this rare kind of visionary. During your sessions with him, you'll feel as if he's peeked inside your brain, past all your usual worries, to the artist and brand you COULD be." 



It's easy: We'll start with what I call *EVA.* It stands for EVOLUTIONIZATION ANALYSIS and will allow me to dig in to what you've been up to.

This process is free, and the duration times vary. 

This analysis will be yours to keep so you'll always have something to fall back on.

I will then offer you an in-depth *StarMap* blueprint; a comprehensive overview of the crucial aspects you must address first in order to properly build your project foundation: 


Perhaps you need to address your image and how it aligns with your songs and marketing plans...

Maybe your songs need to be workshopped further before being produced...

It's possible your productions are great but could use a better mix...

Every journey is different. Your *StarMap* will refelct that!

I do charge a fee for the *StarMap* however it's affordable on any budget

The StarMap Focuses On

  • Songwriting - Networking you with PROFESSIONALS who can create brand new material for you, workshop existing songs (help you finish them!!), or instruct you from scratch.

  • Production - Development, Execution, Networking, Post & Pre Production - Let's get your music into capable hands and make it sound AMAZING.

  • Branding - Guidance, Strategy, Development - Let's make sure you not only SOUND your best, but that you LOOK your best, too, and most importantly: that your aesthetic matches your sound and target audience.

  • Promotion - Streaming, Social Media, Radio - Are your songs REALLY ready to fly? OK! Let's connect you with industry experts, veterans, labels so that you can make sure your music actually gets into the right market/to the right audience.

  • Remixes (You won't BELIEVE how transformative this can be!)

  • Release *StarMap* - The most important step of all: calculated PRO administrative guidance.

  • Distribution (via STARCHILD RECORDS/AWAL)

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