I help Singers, Songwriters, and Producers

ELEVATE THEIR MUSIC to a competitive level.



My name is Michael Graye. I'm a music consultant, Professional Songwriter/Producer & Nationally Recognized Vocalist. I've charted as an Artist, Producer, & Songwriter, landed a #1 on Billboard Dance, and achieved major press, millions of streams, and more for myself and my clients.

One thing that's common with every Artist I've worked with: no matter what their background, goals, or skill level, their content is not at the level necessary to compete in the marketplace - and they waste time and money going around in circles.

That's why I started Starchild Records - so I could help them achieve their Creative & Career goals, while simultaneously helping them navigate the ever-changing music industry - saving them time & money in the process.



It all starts with your SONGS. If your songs don't cut it - your career will be DOA. 

I developed a PROPRIETY 5 step system to analyze the most crucial aspects to your songs, productions, brand, and more. In other words, I took a holistic look at where you're at & what may be necessary in order for you to move forward, giving you ease of mind in the process.

Using what I discover, I'll make a plan for you to not only improve any necessary areas - but to also elevate your content package collectively - saving you time & money. I connect you with my professional network of Songwriters, Producers, etc...and oversee the development of your project/content until we decide it's ready for next steps.

Along the way you're provided with 10+ years knowledge & experience, resources, and my PRO industry network, too - so you'll not only know what road to travel, but you'll also get a detailed map to get to your destination.

The only thing in your way, is you.



EVERY project & Artist is different. 
That's why I like to start with a single, incredibly affordable Consulting session to jump in and determine the best course of action for you, 100% personalized.


Click the button below (or anywhere on the page above) to be connected to our Creative Evaluation - a tool which allows me to take a holistic view into where you're at currently, what your goals are, and more.

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